Charlotte Mixture
Charlotte Mixture 15 Jan 2018

Has anyone found a ‘father-daughter’ dance song that isn’t too...

Has anyone found a ‘father-daughter’ dance song that isn’t too soppy/stereotypical?! I’m having both my Mum and Dad walk me down the aisle as they divorced when I was young and I would love to have 1 in each arm just once!! My dad was always in my life but just not looking for the typical soppy songs!!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Jan 2018

I'm afraid I can't help with a suggestion for a song but I love how you are having both Mum and Dad walk you down the aisle. That really is extra special. :)

E Wilson
E Wilson 15 Jan 2018

Do you have a song together? My Dad and I will be dancing to Muse song as they are our favourite band. I don't think you have to choose a slow song.

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 15 Jan 2018

Pinterest has loads of father daughter dance song ideas

Charlotte Mixture
Charlotte Mixture 15 Jan 2018

Thankyou! It will be a really emotional experience as they had a very messy divorce and haven’t spent time in the same room or even spoken since..... so hopefully they can put it all to one side for 1 day!! 🙄 we don’t have a song together.... would it be strange to ask him if he’d like any in particular?!

Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope 16 Jan 2018

That sounds amazing! I have two of my brothers giving me away as I lost my dad and step dad. My mum is my registrar so she is performing the wedding so its our way of making it really special. Most daughter dad songs are very emotional. Xx


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