Rebecca Gould
Rebecca Gould 14 Jan 2018

I’m quite a pale girl. I want to be slightly tanned on my big day. Not to...

I’m quite a pale girl. I want to be slightly tanned on my big day. Not to sure on whether to do a spray tan a few days before or sunbeds?

Sinead Donnelly
Sinead Donnelly 14 Jan 2018

I really dont fancy getting tan on my new dress so therefore im definitely gonna use sunbed before hand to give me a bit of colour but its really up to you what you choose to do xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Jan 2018

Hi I am quite pale but I won't be having a tan :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Jan 2018

Like Lucy I am quite pale but also won't be having a tan. (I would be terrified it would go wrong)

Carol Daniels
Carol Daniels 15 Jan 2018

I'm really pale aswell I'm thinking of a light spray tan about 2 days before as sun beds just make me red tbh I don't tan x

Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope 16 Jan 2018

I'm pale and proud, I'm going for ivory instead of white dress to not wash me out too much. I don't want to look at my photos and feel like my husband married a stranger. I'm already putting in hair extensions, I think that's enough for me

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 19 Jan 2018

I would go sunbeds as the fake tan could come off on your dress.

Becky Hawkins
Becky Hawkins 20 Jan 2018

Light spray tan! The beautician who’s doing it will advise what’s best so you don’t get it everywhere!
Sun beds are incredibly dangerous and you run the risk of just getting burnt instead!!
I tried them once and I looked like a lobster for about a week!!

Kerry Martyn
Kerry Martyn 22 Jan 2018

I hadn't even thought about this...

Not one for 'fake tan' or sunbeds...

May need to factor in the budget a little 'pre wedding mini moon' to top up the tan and have a few relaxing days before the hustle


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