UKbride Member Request 14 Jan 2018

Where has anyone who is plus size bought there wedding dress from. I have...

Where has anyone who is plus size bought there wedding dress from. I have large hips and small bust. So I’m pear. Would love to see people’s places of inspiration x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Jan 2018

Hi Wed2b is a good one to get dresses for plus sizes :)

Steph Lister
Steph Lister 14 Jan 2018

I'm also a pear shape and I got my dress for a small boutique called special day brides in kirkcaldy Fife.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 14 Jan 2018

I bought mine from Debenhams and absolutely love it. It is worth looking on line at Debenhams and John lewis

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 16 Jan 2018

David's Bridal have their dresses available to try on in all different sizes which was a much nicer experience when you're a bit curvier than a size 8 sample dress! Same with Wed2B although I found they didn't have as wide a range. X

Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope 16 Jan 2018

I'm waiting for mine to turn up from I will keep you updated as I'm a 14 waist with a tummy and a 16 top not helped by being a bit short

Kirsty Charlotte
Kirsty Charlotte 16 Jan 2018

Love Your Curves Bridal in Glasgow is amazing!!! I bought mine on Sunday and it was such a fantastic experience!!! Especially if you don’t have a cookie cutter figure!!

Tammy Whyatt
Tammy Whyatt 16 Jan 2018

Love to cherish in Ashbourne. Or opulence in long eaton are both good.


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