Jessica Paine
Jessica Paine 12 Jan 2018

Right.. HONEST OPINIONS please ladies!!! I’m not getting married till...

Right.. HONEST OPINIONS please ladies!!! I’m not getting married till 13th July 2019. My colour is lavender purple and sunflower yellow (both me&HTB love lavender! And my favourite colour is yellow) These are also my chosen flowers. I’ll be having a mix of the two flowers for my bouquet My bridesmaid will be in yellow dresses with a lavender bouquet, flower girls in purple dresses with a single sunflower and the men will have a small sunflower with a couple of strands of lavender in their pocket. Do you think it will go?!?!

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 13 Jan 2018

It will go because its what you want xx

Jess Fuzzey
Jess Fuzzey 14 Jan 2018

To be honest maybe yellow dresses too much the purple dresses and sunflower combo sounds great 🌻

Rachel Turnbull
Rachel Turnbull 14 Jan 2018

Sounds lovely :)

Wish I got the choice of a colour as I’d have loved lemon and sunflowers :( but being Scottish my H2B wants to wear his named tartan, so I’ve been left with black, red and white as my choices.

I’ve decided to go very elegant with black and white with a little red in the way of small red tulip bouquets

Sophie Pollard
Sophie Pollard 14 Jan 2018

I agree with jess, lavender dresses with the sunflowers would look amazing! Rather than yellow dresses and sunflowers xx

Sophie Pollard
Sophie Pollard 14 Jan 2018

Sorry I’ve just reread your request. It depends I guess what sort of yellow you were thinking- lavender would look lovely with maybe a softer yellow x

Jessica Paine
Jessica Paine 14 Jan 2018

It’ll be a soft pastel yellow.. nothing bright!

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 17 Jan 2018

i think it sounds lush


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