Amy Pritchard
Amy Pritchard 11 Jan 2018

Hi, Ive had a few great ideas about my wedding invitations like the colours...

Hi, Ive had a few great ideas about my wedding invitations like the colours I want to use and the designs. however Im having trouble with the infomation side of things, would I need to print out 2 sets of invites one for ceremony one for reception as not all my guests are attending both.

Bethany Willmott-Horn
Bethany Willmott-Horn 11 Jan 2018

We ordered ours from Zazzle and managed to get a really good deal. We ordered day invites with RSVP cards and included a bit more information on parking at the church and the reception venue, a link to our gift list and information about accommodation for the night. We also ordered evening invites with RSVP cards to send out to the people that aren't coming to the ceremony and just included info about local hotels.

Rakha Lanji
Rakha Lanji 11 Jan 2018

As we have more guests in the evening our main invite has all the details for that however we have an extra insert which will be given to the guests that are attending the morning service as that is quite small xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 11 Jan 2018

Yes, you would need to print two lots but I do think Rakha's idea is good.

Nichaela Summerton
Nichaela Summerton 23 Jan 2018

We have invited pre prepared of etsy with 2 different inlays one for guests of the whole day and one for evening all the outer invites are the same we just have to select the appropriate inlay.


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