UKbride Member Request 10 Jan 2018

Me and my partner are planning a wedding this year we know where we would...

Me and my partner are planning a wedding this year we know where we would like our wedding to be but after 7pm they dont allow children to stay this is very hard for us as we have young children and our guest have children aswel and it would be hard for us all to get babysitters, would you change venues even if you have had your heart set on this venue since you can remember?

Victoria Edgar
Victoria Edgar 11 Jan 2018

Having your heart set on a venue can be difficult when it turns out not to be completely perfect, but I think it's definitely at least worth a look around at other venues - I had my heart set on a barn wedding! But it turned out to be waaayyyy out of budget, so, as devastated as I was, we looked around at other country-like venues with similar decor, and found a gorgeous gorgeous inn that is well within budget, and now I'm completely in love with that!

I'd have a look around and have an open mind, you might find somewhere you love just as much (or even more!) that is more practical for you! Your kids are a MASSIVE part of your life and you want to celebrate the whole day with them if you can - If you're really set on the venue, you could have a morning wedding instead, meaning the festivities end earlier - then you could go have a little private celebration with you two and your kids! x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 11 Jan 2018

It depends what your priority is - is it the venue or whether you want the children there the whole day.


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