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Just looking for some guidance, We are trying to set a date when we can...

Just looking for some guidance, We are trying to set a date when we can meet our chosen venue (our first one, we are having two) but they can only meet when I am at work, we were suppose to meet yesterday but the owner was ill, I am unable or find it very hard to take time off work due to being a hairdresser and having clients booked in. My problem is they are only able to meet 2 days out of the week and between 10am and 5pm, I have asked to meet on my day off but they are unable to book or take a deposit on this day due to it not being one of the two days they can do. With the second venue we are meeting on Sunday and was hoping to put a deposit down as they are still able to very kindly give us the 2017 price they had quoted but they are able to do this if I have not booked the first one first. I am completely lost with what I am able to do because if we do not pay the deposit for the second venue they won't honour the price quoted. Any advice will be much appreciated TIAx

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 10 Jan 2018

I find it a bit weird they cannot book and take your deposit outside of the two days - surely deposits can be made via BACS which can be processed at anytime and then you sign a contract which can be returned either via email or post? I would question them about this. I used to work as a wedding coordinator for venues so I find this a bit mind boggling - I never asked clients to come in and sign and pay their deposit in person, they could if they wanted to but otherwise it was all done electronically. In regards to actually meeting venues to discuss the details of your wedding and having a menu tasting unfortunately you may very well have to try to be flexible with when they can meet (although limited it to 2 possible days again seems a bit weird, especially for a venue that accommodates weddings). Where I worked I was lucky enough that if someone was really struggling to come in during normal hours, we would try and accommodate them coming in the evening, and if I had an evening appointment I could start work later that day or the next day, but not all venues allow their staff to do this.

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 16 Jan 2018

i signed my contract and scanned it back to them via email, and paid mine by BACS. I would question this.


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