UKbride Member Request 9 Jan 2018

Where do i start arranging ..

Where do i start arranging ..

Mina Griffiths
Mina Griffiths 9 Jan 2018

Don't know

Caroline Larner
Caroline Larner 9 Jan 2018

Work out your budget first and then find your venue. Check with the registrar that they are available that day and then book both the venue & registrar together so you have the two hugely important things done. After that it's up to you but I would advise booking a photographer early as the good ones are booked well in advance. Hope that gives you a starting point?

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 9 Jan 2018

A date .. That fits with being able to save a reasonable budget x

E Wilson
E Wilson 9 Jan 2018

Date, budget and venue is a good start


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