UKbride Member Request 6 Jan 2018

Hi Girls, I have a question about having plus ones during the day?...

Hi Girls, I have a question about having plus ones during the day? Obviously we’d love to have everyone, but our day number is 80. We have a ton of family/Friends we want to invite, but if we invite peoples plus ones then this isn’t an option.. most of everyone’s plus ones we have never met? Isit bad if we just invite plus ones along at night instead? And have the people we want there during the day? Thanks x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 6 Jan 2018

Sounds like the sensible way to go to do the family/friends during the day and the plus ones for the evening. Plus ones can also be a bit disinterested at the ceremony if they don't know the couple.

Demi Hale
Demi Hale 7 Jan 2018

Not bad at all, this is your day! I expect most plus ones will be coming begrudgingly out of respect for the guest that has invited them, so the evening do is probably the better option!

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 9 Jan 2018

Very sensible idea, we have done the same the plus ones are mainly in the evening apart from the few exceptions like my brother's girlfriend and my maid of honours fiance

Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise 9 Jan 2018

We’re doing the same plus ones will be invited to the evening because otherwise our guest list would start getting rather big which will result in even more expense x


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