Rachel Loretta
Rachel Loretta 5 Jan 2018

What are you doing about wedding gifts for bride and groom? I initially...

What are you doing about wedding gifts for bride and groom? I initially wanted money for honeymoon as items that we need for our house are big like a bed or sofa so didn't think it was appropriate to put on a wedding list! What are you doing?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 5 Jan 2018

I believe many people write little notes or poems saying they have most things and perhaps people would give money or gift cards. Personally I am not saying anything because people can ask me.

Eliza Munnelly
Eliza Munnelly 6 Jan 2018

You can set up a 'gift fund' page where you add items but can ask for several people to contribute e.g.
Sofa £1000; gift value £50; Number f gifts available 20.
This way people can give a reasonable amount as a gift knowing it's going towards a specific item without one person having to outright gift the whole amount. I have looked at weddingshop.co.uk to do something similar for contributions to our honeymoon including things like flight upgrades

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Jan 2018

Hi most bride and grooms ask for money to put towards a big item these days :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Jan 2018

If people asked us what we wanted we asked for Argos gift vouchers as we needed a new bed! x

Rachel Loretta
Rachel Loretta 22 Jan 2018

Thank you everyone :)


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