UKbride Member Request 31 Dec 2017

Hi, Im planning on doing my own make up on the day, Im planning on visiting...

Hi, Im planning on doing my own make up on the day, Im planning on visiting a local department store in the new year to get a make-up trial done and then I can buy some really good foundation etc. Does anyone recommend any brands to try? Im usually a maybeline kind of girl but want to have some really good make-up that will last all day and look good too. Thanks

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 Dec 2017

Hi go to Debenhams the girls there are really helpful :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 31 Dec 2017

MAC is absolutely the best but expensive and not many places around that do it. What I can definitely recommend is Lancome's Teint Idole L'Ultra Wear foundation as it not only looks good but STAYS ON and they have lots of shades so you are sure to get the correct skin colour. I always thought Lancome was for old women but got a sample at the National Wedding show and was pleasantly surprised. If you choose another brand then there is a make up setting spray by Urban Decay that keeps make up looking good for the day. Lancome and Urban Decay can both be bought in Debenhams.

Abbie Barker
Abbie Barker 31 Dec 2017

I worked in the beauty industry for years. For foundation id go to dior.. concealer i would go to estee lauder, mascara lancome. Eye make up urban decay and lips mac or charlotte tilbury. All fantastic but can come up quite pricey. May be more have your make up done by somone else xx

Catriona Rollason
Catriona Rollason 2 Jan 2018

I really like Dior foundation, I found that its stays all day and even the cream is not heavy but provides really good coverage.

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 3 Jan 2018

I really love the No7 make up. They do a stay perfect range which really does stay perfect all day and the true match foundation, blusher and lipstick for the natural look. That's what I'm using for my wedding :)


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