Joanne Burn
Joanne Burn 14 Dec 2017

Hi everyone, I’m wearing a tea length white gown , my 2 of bridesmaids...

Hi everyone, I’m wearing a tea length white gown , my 2 of bridesmaids will be in blush pink .. and my MOH will be in navy you think I should match my shoes to their dresses ?? If so do I go with navy or pink ?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Dec 2017

Hi I wouldn't match them but it is your choice :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 14 Dec 2017

Personally I wouldn't match them but if you do I would suggest you match to your bouquet.

Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards 15 Dec 2017

I think you should do what would make you happy! If you do match, you could go with shoes that have both colours. My maids are wearing red, I wanted to wear red shoes, but you won't see mine as my dress is long, so I decided not to cuz it would have cost more.

UKbride Member 17 Dec 2017

Think the blush pink is a nice idea

Kim Lennon
Kim Lennon 22 Dec 2017

Hey Joanne, I would put you’re bridesmaids in navy shoes moh in Blush shoes happy planning xx


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