Rebekka Harder
Rebekka Harder 12 Dec 2017

Hi were on a budget could someone let me know a list off things needed to...

Hi were on a budget could someone let me know a list off things needed to make a wedding complete

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

man, woman and registrar is all that is necessary. Everything else is your choice

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

Hiya I done mine on a budget and had a fab time

Rebecca Chappell
Rebecca Chappell 13 Dec 2017

I have a budget of about 10K and this is my estimated breakdown of cost. Hope this helps!

A member uploaded image

Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds 13 Dec 2017

The only essentials are 2 people that love each other, registrar and rings.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

You, your partner, a licenced officiant, and 2 witnesses. That’s all you need.

Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns 13 Dec 2017

Bride groom witness registered. That is the main legal part. Anything aftervthe wedding ceromay is extra celebration you can do what you want to celebrate from a bbq to a massive paett.your choice and budget allowing.
I saving cost on getting married late the justvparty after with friends and samily without the big sit down speaches and dinners. Local rugby club book for party .
Pinterest is great for diy table decorations woodland theme are good for budgets as can get greeny from walks ect.

Rebecca Cherrett
Rebecca Cherrett 13 Dec 2017

I'm doing mine on a budget.
Bought artificial flowers from permabloom and making my own bouquets, wedding cake I'm going to M&S and buying 3 different sized tiers and decorating myself. The tiers come to £54 altogether.
I'm making my centrepieces and postbox.
Got my dress from wed2b.
Shoes for £30 from yours clothing.
My sister is my photographer.
Got registry office and rugby club. With everything including dress, car, suits etc... It's coming to around £3500 but we've paid for little luxuries. It can be cheaper and still lovely xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

Venue, registrar, food, drink, photographer, dress, suits, flowers, cake, centrepieces, dj/band etc x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

Two people in love, a couple of witnesses and a registrar. :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

Bride, Groom, Registrar & a couple of witnesses x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

Booked register office 200 pound got dress for 50 pound from eBay got brides dresses 10 pound each brought 3 got art ficus bouquets at 5 pound each from amazon booked a limo to take me and bridges maid to weeding and reception after 200 pound booked a room in a pub with dj and caterers 450 lasted till midnight wedding cake was 3 tia for 40 pound and was huge from cake box. Com so just over 1000 for the whole wedding including everything probably about 1300 including best man and groom suits and bridal hair an make up

Sara Higham
Sara Higham 14 Dec 2017

What you need really depends on what you what.
Ceremony and reception venue/s, dress, give notice, registra if needed, rings, witnesses, food. These are bare minimums.

Do you want photographer, wedding cars, entertainment.

Do you need something to fill time between ceremony and reception, do you want a sit down meal.

We're on a budget. We're having a church wedding, reception afterwards with buffet and DJ. Putting snacks on tables in case people get hungry before buffet opens. We're having photographer just for ceremony and posed shots afterwards, one wedding car doing two trips (found somewhere that does a white limo at reasonable price). Gonna be getting wedding dress from somewhere like wed2b or bridal charity stores etc... ( just going get shoes from somewhere one primarily as won't see them under dress anyway) Artificial flowers for bouquet, aldi flowers for anywhere else. And a children's entertainer to keep children occupied before DJ starts

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 14 Dec 2017

I did my wedding on a budget ....the most important things I am glad that I did was my dress ( sale ) marrying David , my bridesmaids dresses ( charity shops & Lindy bop website ) ,real flowers from website for £150 , my cake made by my bridesmaid , photos ( can get a photo course 2nd year course = check out their portfolio ) a flower wall for our home made photo booth posing against for our guests , real flower petals for the confetti throw as our photographer praised us for that saying the confetti photos are better with real rather than paper confetti !
Drop everything else if it doesn't fit your budget .... Borrow rings or get a holding ring & buy the real thing later on when you can afford it engagement ring is actually still a holding ring & im married now !!!!
Warm wishes for your day.
Love Sarah xx


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