UKbride Member Request 11 Dec 2017

Me and my partner are looking to get married in Venice in June 2019 but we...

Me and my partner are looking to get married in Venice in June 2019 but we don't know where to start ???? has anybody done this or has anybody got any tips? Tia

Simone Williams
Simone Williams 11 Dec 2017

i'm getting married in cyprus, i went to all the local travel agents and picked up the wedding brochures then I looked into the wedding planners in cyprus and i found one who did weddings in the hotel i wanted. it worked out good for us as i was able to get costs and pay all of the wedding off last December. if you have an idea of where you want to go just google it and send emails to the wedding planners and then it is up to you on who you want to chose.

Amy Collis
Amy Collis 12 Dec 2017

My fiancee and I stayed at a beautiful hotel called the San Clemente (Kempinski). It is an old Monastry on a tiny little island about a 10/15min boat trip from St Mark's Square (the hotel has a free shuttle roughly every half hour until 1am). They have a beautiful little chapel on the island and I know they do weddings there. It's probably a fairly pricey option but worth investigating!

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 13 Dec 2017

I have been to Venice twice on holidays & my top tip for keeping costs down are the following :-
# Look in january sales as cheapest time to buy flights
# Always buy flights on either mon or tues ( 3pm apparently brings it down ) Google til you get cheapest flight .... Most people think of end of week flying out Thurs , Fri or sat for weekend away making it more expensive !!
# Don't stay in St. Marks Square area as Most Expensive !!!!!!!!
We stayed Lido island as beautiful with a beach & frequent water buses across to St.Marks .....after a hectic touristy day in square was good to return to quieter island ....
# Avoid Film festival time zone as prices higher or Carnival time of year !!
# I discovered still hot temperatures last week of September good when we went & outside school holidays
# Food expensive so Allow for that & you can help yourself by choosing a hotel with cooked breakfast included !
# Take your own coffee , tea bags from home , your own snacks crisps , chewy cereal bars etc for your own picnic lunch & that way every day you only have to buy supper daily = just make sure your hotel has a kettle in your room & bring a thermos flask .....
Warm wishes for your special day !!
Love sarah

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 28 Dec 2017

HI...Re: Venice..speak to me! I'm a travel specialist, advertising on UKBrides. I'd be happy to help with getting you started, right up to booking if you want to. There are issues with getting married abroad. Not major ones if tackled correctly, but you need to plan carefully. Venice is a wonderful city, but it's also very busy in June, so you need to take lots of advice. All my holidays, whether package or bespoke tailor made, are fully ATOL protected, something you won't always get if you book yourself. you can contact me on [email protected] , or message me on Steve Friend - Brilliant Travel.


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