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So I need a couple of opinions. The venue we have chosen is about 7 miles...

So I need a couple of opinions. The venue we have chosen is about 7 miles from where we live, pretty much in the middle of no-where, and they have a Bridal Suite on site, which is an extra cost of £200. We can arrive at the suite for about 8am on the day of the wedding. However, I am now considering getting ready at mine and my H2B house with all the Bridesmaids and then travelling in. Mainly because I then won't have to take a s**t load of stuff with me to the venue and then have the hassle of getting it home again. Also, me and my h2b are planning on going straight onto our honeymoon, so we would need to have all our honeymoon stuff there as well. My questions is - Which is better/less stressful? 1. Use the Bridal Suite. BAD POINTS: Take everything with me including the Honeymoon stuff - Extra cost for Hotels, and getting hair and Make up to us - Arranging for it to be taken home afterwards GOOD POINTS: Be more relaxed because I will be on site and no danger of getting stuck in traffic etc. OR 2) Scrap the Bridal suite idea and get ready at home with all my bridesmaids, and then hire a Car/Limo to take us all there. BAD POINTS: Get stuck in Traffic - Alot of the Bridesmaids would have to drive past the venue to get to my house - General Logistics - Have reduced amount of time to get ready to account for Traffic. GOOD POINTS: Save money on the Bridal Suite, Hotel cost and travel cost for Make up and Hair - Can leave all my stuff at home and just take Honeymoon case with me - Be more relaxed at home. I am prob really over thinking this but obviously I want to get a plan in place so I can start trying to organise (Wedding isn't until 2019). I have tried to get some quotes for Transport, but no-one gets back to me, so it's hard to know how much it will cost to hire. Not partially fussed about what kind of transport, although it would be easier to just get one car. It will just be me, My bridesmaids and possibly my FMIL (Meeting my Dad at the Venue). Has anyone had a similar problem or situation? Obviously I want to be as relaxed as possible on the day but don't want me to be super manic.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 10 Dec 2017

Hi I would get ready at home and save money :)

Sophie Wilkinson
Sophie Wilkinson 10 Dec 2017

Hi, I personally would choose to stay at the venue. I don't know how much transport would be sorry so I can't help there 😕 you've got to think about the stress, would you be at home wondering what the traffic is doing and if the weather is ok for the drive (No storm or snow)
You could always ask one of your bridesmaids to take your stuff after the big day so you don't have to take it on the honeymoon with you

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 11 Dec 2017

Personally i would stress out more at home, (in my venue if i cant stay night before - i will stay in a local hotel) just because it's down the motorway. Pack for your honeymoon in advance and just get extra prepared beforehand

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 12 Dec 2017

I personally would chose to stay at the hotel - the last thing I would want on a day you are already going to be nervous is have to worry about traffic and timings. I have asked my venue if I can stay in a room the night before so I can relax all morning - but they have a wedding the day before as well so I have to wait to see if they will have a room available.

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 12 Dec 2017

I stayed at the hotel, when I priced up the cost of a car for everyone it was costing more than the hotel. We went on our honeymoon the next day too so we just took all our stuff home and then went to the airport.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Dec 2017

Some of my bridesmaids and me are staying the night before save all the hassle in the morning xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Dec 2017

A car could work out the same price , you could ask your mum or bridemaid to take the stuff you don't need for honeymoon for you , try and book the night before , that way you house be nice and tidy , plus you can have longer to get ready good luck

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Dec 2017

Cost of a wedding car will likely be the same. I'd stay at the venue and arrange for a friend/ family member to take items home that you won't need on your honeymoon x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Dec 2017

My venue is about 18 miles from home. Im staying the night before in a cottage near the venue with my mum and bridesmaids (cant stay at the venue the night before as there is a wedding on). The cost of transport for all of us was more than the cost of the cottage! Im really excited for the night before and have arranged for the hairdresser, make up artist, photographer and videographer to all come to the cottage in the morning. I know i personally wouldnt relax as much at home. It will be a lot of stress beforehand packing for the cottage and the honeymoon but i think its better in the long run. The day after the wedding we are driving home with all the stuff then will grab our honeymoon cases and drive to the airport for honeymoon. Just be super organised and pack your honeymoon stuff in advance and do lots of lists!! x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Dec 2017

My wedding cars have cost £475 for two cars (I have 5 bridesmaids my mum in one car and me and my dad in another car) id probably just stay at the venue x

Amanda Winsper
Amanda Winsper 12 Dec 2017

I’m staying onsite for our wedding June .... I was stressing out because when we booked this may not have been possible but now it is I’m jumping for joy ! Myself and my family have booked into the hotel the day before our wedding and then we have exclusive use of the whole house on the Saturday of our wedding including all the bedrooms so all our family and friends can stay over on the Saturday evening ..... staying at the hotel is less stressful and your cars will probably cost more than what the fee is to get ready there xxx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Dec 2017

I would imagine that you would spend most if
of the £200 you save on hiring transport so might as well get ready at the hotel.

Marie Richardson
Marie Richardson 13 Dec 2017

Personally I'd stay at the venue and have everyone come to me. Cars depending on what you want would cost more than the £200. I'm staying the night before at mine and then the night of the wedding we have all 8 rooms for family and friends. Id just get my MOH to take your stuff home for you am sure it won't be a big deal it's just something else that's causing you stress x


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