UKbride Member Request 5 Dec 2017

Completely overwhelmed by searching for the right venue!! We really want to...

Completely overwhelmed by searching for the right venue!! We really want to cover everyone's drinks for the whole wedding so looking for a place that we can either bring our own alcohol or the drinks are reasonable priced so it doesn't completely blow our budget. We're hoping to get married in North East Essex or around the Essex/Suffolk border. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Dec 2017

Hi it is too expensive to pay for all the drinks :)

Rakha Lanji
Rakha Lanji 5 Dec 2017

Search for places that offer a no corkage charge near you x

UKbride Member 5 Dec 2017

Totally agree with Rakha, if you are supplying your own alcohol its bad enough the cost of alcohol itself enough to keep a wedding party going let alone corkage fee's my venue I originally chose wanted £5 per bottle, I'm thinking of changing my reception venue now anyway as the venue I chose are not doing much to help make it easier! x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 6 Dec 2017

We would love to be able to cover all the drinks but it is just too expensive. Everyone I speak to tells me it is quite usual for people to pay for their own drinks from the bar nowadays. We have decided that when we arrive at the reception (about 3:00pm) we will supply mocktails and canapes as well as tea & coffee. Then when we move over to the evening bit in another room we are supplying a certain number of bottles of prosecco which will cover about 1.5 glasses each (but some will only use for the toast) and also putting money behind the bar (about £200) for soft drinks. Any alcohol when our prosecco runs out will have to be bought by those who want it.

Emma Pearson
Emma Pearson 6 Dec 2017

We are having welcome drinks and then unlimited wine in the meal with a drink to toast.
Make sure it's not going to cost you to much to pay for all the drinks. Especially if it means you are not doing something you want to do. Perhaps you could arrange to have a few drinks per person so if doesn't cost you to much.

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 6 Dec 2017

I think that's great, but just in case you don't find anywhere, i haven't been to any wedding that provided drinks after the wedding breakfast - no-one will expect it :)


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