UKbride Member Request 5 Dec 2017

hi, I'm looking for a little advice. me and my h2b are getting married June...

hi, I'm looking for a little advice. me and my h2b are getting married June 2019. I am currently 4 months pregnant. I'm having a little drama with my bridesmaids. every time I try to organise a day where we go look and try on bridesmaids dresses only 1 girl actually makes an effort. I totally understand that they might already have plans but the rest all read my messages and don't reply. they just don't seem bothered at all. I asked in a group chat a few weeks ago about going to look and only the 1 girl replied to say if she was available, the rest read the message and didn't reply. what I'm asking is should I just ditch the other girls and stay with the one girl that is being supportive? bearing in mind 2 of them are my sister's. I just can't be bothered with the stress and hassle especially when my pregnancy is progressing thanks

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Dec 2017

Hi I would not bother with them as bridesmaids they don't show any respect to you :)

UKbride Member 5 Dec 2017

I am only having two bridesmaids, initially I was having three but the girl I chose who I'd been best friends with since childhood was really unsupportive and also started telling me who I could or could not talk to or have at my wedding. Fair to say not only is she no longer my bridesmaid but she surely showed her true colours and we don't even talk anymore. My two younger sisters are my bridesmaids and that's how I am keeping it :) If they aren't helping or being supportive at some of the most exciting points in your life, both marriage and pregnancy then you shouldn't have them playing a major role in those big days :) x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 6 Dec 2017

I would think it is difficult to plan with no support from your bridesmaids and being pregnant because you may have so many mixed emotions. I would be inclined to leave any decisions until after the baby is born and see if they come round closer to the time.

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 6 Dec 2017

Your bridesmaids should be excited. My sisters are doing my head in trying to plan things ahead of me but I know when it comes to it one of them is going to be a nightmare to pin down but that is simply because she is always like that. Maybe speak to them and say that you feel there hasn't been much support. Or leave it a little while as they may not be that excited due to the fact it is still 18 months away. x


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