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Really need some help navigating a tricky situation all advice is...

Really need some help navigating a tricky situation all advice is seriously appreciated. So I've been with my other half 7 years and we're getting married August 2018. I am close with his sister and asked her to be my maid of honour. However, when we got engaged she entered a relationship with her now fiancé. In the time we have been engaged they have moved in together, gotten engaged and now booked their wedding for January 2019. Now obviously I am super happy her for and I adore her fiancé, he is absolutely lovely. But since she's gotten together with him she has become very self centred. She talks about her wedding non-stop (which to an extent is understandable) but then she never asks how our wedding planning is going or if we need any help, it's like she's forgotten she's still my maid of honour. She is impossible to get hold of and isn't particularly supportive. The last straw was when she told me she was going to look for wedding dresses at my first wedding dress appointment and she wants to book her hen do just before or after our wedding! She said it was because she didn't want to pay for it in 2019, but I told her if it's right before/after our wedding we might not be able to afford to go and she didn't seem fussed. We are also getting married in Cyprus and then having a big party in London when we get home, so that is going to be a really stressful time. Am I being unreasonable/bridezillla? What would you do in this situation? TIA x

Steph V
Steph V 29 Nov 2017

She is engaged and planning a wedding just like you are, I’m sure she is so happy for you.
Maybe if you bring up planning or even sitting down discussing each other’s ideas and excitement.
It’s understandable you feel this way about her looking at dresses when you have an appointment, I would be annoyed and you should discuss this with her.
But other than the dress you should both be happy for each other, it’s an exciting time being engaged and planning a wedding :)


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