Erica Davies
Erica Davies 27 Nov 2017

things have changed, ive decided the date to get wed stays the same - 6th...

things have changed, ive decided the date to get wed stays the same - 6th may 2020, at a registry office, and have the gathering, saturday 9th may. i dont know how to make a list to come to wedding, and who to invite for gathering. is it same people, or can it be ones who hasnt been to wedding.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 27 Nov 2017

Hi you can invite who ever you want good luck :)

Erica Davies
Erica Davies 27 Nov 2017

im afraid, that if i just invite some to the reception and not to wedding people will be nasty with me

Emma Pearson
Emma Pearson 27 Nov 2017

They shouldn't be at all. It is your wedding and you decide who you want where and when. It's just like any other wedding with the ceremony and the evening reception. People always have more people to the evening.

Sam Leckey
Sam Leckey 27 Nov 2017

Invite whoever you want They should be honoured that you have chosen them to be a part of your special day in some form. Set yourself a limit for the registry office and pick those you cannot imagine getting married without them by your side, then work out who you want to celebrate with. If people want to get nasty about it then it's one less person to cater for. x

Bethan Roberts
Bethan Roberts 28 Nov 2017

Why not just have your gathering on the same day. Then you can treat guests as Day and evening x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 29 Nov 2017

This is strange but ok lol.. I would invite the same people but don’t expect them all to turn up with it been different days. Some people may only be able to get the one day off and not the other. Good luck

Hazel Cottrell
Hazel Cottrell 29 Nov 2017

It's your wedding and your choice - who do you want there?

Sammy Eldridge
Sammy Eldridge 30 Nov 2017

I personally don’t think this will work well. People may not take a day off work just for an hour at the registry office with nothing afterwards.
They’ll probably just come to the gathering as that’s on the weekend. So if you’re definitely sticking to this plan then probably just close friends & family to the wedding & everyone else at the gathering.


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