UKbride Member Request 24 Nov 2017

Me and my fiance are thinking of eloping to Port Merion, as a ceremony and...

Me and my fiance are thinking of eloping to Port Merion, as a ceremony and cottage for 4 days will be £1050. This will be with our 2 older children 18 and 20 and our 2 year old. We've had the discussion of family and would they be upset. So we've decided to tell them and if they want to come then their more than welcome to but would have to book their own accommodation. We're not doing wedding breakfast/reception, just a nice intimate meal afterwards. Do you think this is fair to ask as we dont have much and want to give people the option. Has anyone else done anything similar?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 25 Nov 2017

Hi I think this is a great idea :)

Steph V
Steph V 26 Nov 2017

I think most people now understand that weddings cost SO much and most people have to save for years.
I think they'll understand and would love to see you get married. There is no problem in asking for them to pay for their own accommodation, I've paid my own a couple of times at relatives weddings. :)

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 27 Nov 2017

I think it is very fair to ask and if they want to be there they will be.
I've been to 2 close family weddings abroad and had to pay for accommodation, we treated them like a holiday. Just give people plenty of notice in case they have to save for this


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