Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 23 Nov 2017

Where have people gone for wedding invites? I'm thinking of doing mine on...

Where have people gone for wedding invites? I'm thinking of doing mine on vistaprint as they do matching RSVP and place cards, but can be quite expensive. Has anyone don't anything that is a bit cheaper, or know of a way to cut costs?

Steph V
Steph V 23 Nov 2017

Would definitely recommend DIY, yes it takes a bit of time but you save so much and are able to personalise to how you want. :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 23 Nov 2017

I found some on tree of hearts. They are much more flexible than Vistaprint. Then I found I could have them printed cheaper at a printer so have completely customised them with a photo of H2B and I on our motorbikes (which is how we met). Having them printed at a printer we got wedding invitations and 'evening' invitations for almost half what we would have paid online.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 24 Nov 2017

I got mine on vista print, they were not that expensive. We paid £12 for 10 just to see how they like looked and they are great so we will order more. They have 50% off for Black Friday. So grab a bargain

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 24 Nov 2017

I just designed mine on my computer, printed and cut the cards up myself. I did around 80 invites for £31.50

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Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 24 Nov 2017

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Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 24 Nov 2017

We got save the dates and invites from Etsy sellers (not too bad price wise) and then printed our place cards / table plan etc ourselves. Downloaded a font which was similar style to our invites and got the blank placecards in Hobbycraft and printed on them at home. Was similar enough to the invites but everything visible on the day still matched.


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