UKbride Member Request 19 Nov 2017

Hi!When is the latest to go brides dress shopping? How long does it take to...

Hi!When is the latest to go brides dress shopping? How long does it take to find the one? Although the wedding isn't for 2 years, I need to lose about 5 stone, and i really dislike shopping, so I am struggling to find the excitement to do it. My mum is all geared up ready to go, and i just can't be. I struggle feeling comfortable in dresses as it is, let alone when I know all eyes will be on me and my OH and there's 140 during the day ????

Shannon Clegg
Shannon Clegg 19 Nov 2017


Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Nov 2017

Hi 9 months before the wedding :)

Steph V
Steph V 19 Nov 2017

Hi, try and find a dress you like online show this when you decide to go dress shopping and this way they’ll know what kind of style you like and will be quicker or easier to find the one! They normally say it takes 8 months for the dress to get back into store after ordering but then you have to consider alterations :)

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 20 Nov 2017

Check with different shops- most said 7-9 months before the wedding it needs to be ordered

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Nov 2017

I ordered mine a year and 3 months before our wedding and it’s been in stock since October! Xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Nov 2017

I was the same! Absolutely dreading it put it off for months and months then my mum made me an appointment at a shop we went in and I bought a dress! Trust me no matter what size you are, you’ll feel beautiful even if it motivates you to lose the weight to look even better

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 21 Nov 2017

hi i bought my dress in august 2017 and got married last saturday but i bought mine from a shop where you take it away on the day. in january 2017 i was a size 22 when i started my diet by the time i bought my dress in august i was a size 14 and eventully felt confident enough to try dresses on. Go when you feel ready and im sure you will find the right dress. you still have plenty of time xx

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 22 Nov 2017

I think it depends where you are planning to get you dress from. I went to a bridal boutique that only sells sample sale dresses therefore when I found my dress I paid for and took it home the same day - just need to get it altered, I brought it 6 months before my wedding and going for my first fitting next week and then will have another one in January (my wedding is in Feb). If you are going to a traditional boutique you will need to go 9 months - year before your wedding as then make your dress.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Nov 2017

If you're losing weight then buy a dress nearer the time. Wait until you've lost 50 pounds. Xx


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