Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 17 Nov 2017

Can anybody give me any recommendations on where to buy wedding shoes...

Can anybody give me any recommendations on where to buy wedding shoes please? I have no clue where to look.. also need to find a tiara but again Im not sure where to look for a good quality one.. any suggestions very welcome!!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Nov 2017

Hi I know they have lovely wedding shoes in our local indoor market try one near you )

Steph V
Steph V 17 Nov 2017

Hi, try looking in your local bridal boutique for a tiara,I believe wed2b do some. You can try some high street shops for your shoes such as Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, John Lewis etc..
Hope this helps :)

Amy Millington
Amy Millington 17 Nov 2017

I will be getting mine from 'irregular choice' they have some stunning shoes on their website

Rachel McGrath
Rachel mcgrath 18 Nov 2017

Hi maybe try your local debenhams or bridal shop xx

Rose marie Beard
Rose marie Beard 18 Nov 2017

I bought my shoes and tiara from Debenham.

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 18 Nov 2017

Debenhams have a good selection also House of Fraser and John Lewis oh and check out Marisota

Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 19 Nov 2017

Thanks everyone!! These suggestions are a great help, I shall have a look soon at all of them and hopefully find what I am after!!

Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson 19 Nov 2017

I got mine in quiz

A member uploaded image

Lisa Souley
Lisa Souley 20 Nov 2017

Check online nice boutique shops x


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