UKbride Editor
UKbride Editor 16 Nov 2017

What do you find most useful when it comes to planning your wedding? Do you...

What do you find most useful when it comes to planning your wedding? Do you use a spreadsheet, a planning book, Pinterest or an app? Let me know!

Lea Griffiths
Lea Griffiths 16 Nov 2017

I've just been writing things down as I go but I bought a scrapbook to put any articles or photo ideas I find in it to help me organise them xx

Steph V
Steph V 16 Nov 2017

I’ve got a diary for all the dates we have for meetings, a notebook for everything we have brought and their prices, websites etc... I had a Pinterest board way before I was engaged and found that useful. To be honest I did find my notebook more help as I take it everywhere. I will be doing a wedding book for a keepsake.
Good luck planning 😊

Kirsty Coutanche
Kirsty Coutanche 16 Nov 2017

Myself and w2b are doing scrapebook we keeping receipts and cutting out diff wedding pictures and everything like that. Then you can show ur lil girl or boy and see hoe things have changed hope this helps xx

Kathryn Kenny
Kathryn Kenny 16 Nov 2017

I have a planing book and also have a note book to jot things down in x

Cloe Barker
Cloe Barker 16 Nov 2017

i bought a wedding planning book - hardly use it, its only use is to note down what we've paid deposits on and a 'to do list'.
H2B then set up an excel spreadsheet and it really helps !!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 16 Nov 2017

Mostly my head but I do have a lever arch file to chuck everything like contracts into. I am fortunate that I do a lot of planning in my job and my head is like a filing cabinet.

E Wilson
E Wilson 16 Nov 2017

I'm all about scrapbooking. But this is a hobby of mine. I've also got an excel spreadsheet to keep track of things.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 17 Nov 2017

I have 2 note books, a wedding planning book and a excel spread sheet I’m not missing anything lol

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 17 Nov 2017

I've used all three - but I mostly find my excel spreadsheets the most useful

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 17 Nov 2017

Spreadsheet for budgeting and guestlist etc.
Pinterest for ideas

Sadie Heads
Sadie Heads 17 Nov 2017

I use just a normal note book, it has everything in, from price lists to time lines. One time line is colour coded to things that need to be done between certain dates and is 2 years (on a monthly basis) and the other is a time line of the day (I would be lost without it) xx

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 17 Nov 2017

I have a spreadsheet for my budget as it's useful for working out total costs and how much you have left to spend etc. I've also used a separate spreadsheet for my guest list and recorded addresses in one tab and acceptances with dietary requirements in another tab. Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration. I have a wedding planner to jot things down in as I'm going along. I've also made a scrapbook of ideas I like from wedding magazines. They are all useful for different aspects of the planning process.

Abbi D
Abbi D 19 Nov 2017

Excel and planning apps so you can plan on the go 👍🏽

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 21 Nov 2017

To be honest I use everything from spreadsheets for our budget, Pinterest for ideas and scrapbook too. Anything that helps for stress free wedding planning x


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