UKbride Member Request 15 Nov 2017

Hey ladies iam trying to plan my wedding ???? got 3 venues in mind all in...

Hey ladies iam trying to plan my wedding ???? got 3 venues in mind all in Edinburgh but my question is what's the best month the hubby to be says summer but erm well Edinburgh had about 3 days of summer a year ????????. Thank ladies and congratulations to you all xx

Carly Wilson
Carly Wilson 15 Nov 2017

We went to Edinburgh for a weekend at the end of March and it wasn't the warmest but it was beautiful coming into the's your big day tho so ultimately up to you! We're in Northern Ireland and have the same problem with the weather but we decided to go for the end of April x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Nov 2017

What about checking a weather channel on google and asking for temperatures of a month in past years. You can choose a date and it will tell you how much chance of rain etc. For instance I found that my date in July has not had rain on that day in at least the last 7 years.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 16 Nov 2017

If you don’t no what month to pick! Put all the months in a hat and pull one out. We are getting married the end of march so we will have rain but it’s the uk lol.

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 16 Nov 2017

Have you got a month that means something to you?
Eg. month you got engaged or month you met etc.

Natasha Stephen
Natasha Stephen 18 Nov 2017

We're getting married in the Moray/Aberdeenshire area and we have chosen the end of June, as it does not seem to rain as much.


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