Sammani Wanninayake
Sammani Wanninayake 14 Nov 2017

Hi, Does anyone know where to buy Ivory/champagne color wedding dresses...

Hi, Does anyone know where to buy Ivory/champagne color wedding dresses without breaking the bank around Liverpool? xxx

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 14 Nov 2017

Have you had a look at Wed2b? They're all over the country and have lots of different dresses at reasonable prices x

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 14 Nov 2017

If you could get to Birmingham then David's Bridal are great x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Nov 2017

Hi have a look at the wed2b website they have beautiful dresses from £99 :)

Faith Wymer
Faith Wymer 14 Nov 2017

Wed to be has a range of dresses that dont break the bank. Check out their website; hope this helps x

Rachel Turnbull
Rachel Turnbull 15 Nov 2017

I bought my dress from a site called jjshouse and can 100% guarantee you as a seamstress myself, the dresses are beautiful. Mines arrived in 3 weeks and it looked exactly like the picture, same with all my accessories!! Couldn’t recommend them highly enough and my dress cost £160. BARGAIN!!

Carole Birchall
Carole Hart 15 Nov 2017

Hi I bought mine from China it cost me £45 and it was lovely, 2 minimal alterations, but that was just for me,


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