Ana Godinho
Ana Godinho 12 Nov 2017

Hi there. Just a quick question. Ur wedding is on the 18/8/18 at 13:00pm....

Hi there. Just a quick question. Ur wedding is on the 18/8/18 at 13:00pm. But I don't know what to put on the invites. We are thing 12pm. As some of ur gests have to travel for the day. Thank you in advance

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Nov 2017

Hi you should put 12.30pm so everyone can be seated before you arrive :)

Steph V
Steph V 12 Nov 2017

we have ours at 1:30pm and have been advised to put on our invitations half an hour before but to inform them my arrival will be 1:30 so everyone needs to be seated at 1:00pm. If people are told on the invitation then they should be there for that time, nearly every wedding I have been to has done it this way and have not had a problem even with things such as travel.
Hope this helps 😊

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 13 Nov 2017

Arrivals at 12:30pm

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 13 Nov 2017

It's usual to put the actual time you are getting married on the invitations. Most people should know to arrive earlier. I've include some details in with my invite and one advises to arrive earlier to secure a good seat x

NickyC37 .
NickyC37 . 13 Nov 2017

I think I put something like "at 2.15 for a 3pm ceremony" just so they know the ceremony time and that i'd like them to arrive a bit early. I'm hoping they'll all arrive somewhere between the two times anyway!!!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 13 Nov 2017

I have put 1:00 for 1:30pm. If I were told 12 and got there to find it was 1pm I would be really annoyed because I would have to wait over an hour.

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 13 Nov 2017

I'm going to state ceremony at 1pm so they all know they need to be there x

Sophie Nairn
Sophie Nairn 15 Nov 2017

We just put 2:30pm and I aimed to arrive about 2:40pm just in case :)


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