UKbride Member Request 12 Nov 2017

How do you pick a venue when it comes to value for money?

How do you pick a venue when it comes to value for money?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Nov 2017

Hi that will depend on your point of view:)

E Wilson
E Wilson 12 Nov 2017

For us it was one that included the catering

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 12 Nov 2017

Hi, we looked at lots of venues so we could compare them and find out what was important to us and where we would save money. Most venues do discount on a weekday but we wanted a Saturday so went for a beautiful quirky museum for daytime and hotel function for evening as the daytime was most important to us x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 12 Nov 2017

It really depends on what is important to you. Is it the food? Is it the backdrop? Is it the building? Do none of these matter but the cost does? Look at all options before you make a decision.

Sharron Giles Wood
Sharron Giles Wood 13 Nov 2017

For us it was having everything in one place but some hotels tie you to booking rooms in addition for guests. We chose one that considered our needs not just pushing their business

Lisa Souley
Lisa Souley 15 Nov 2017

That depends on your taste what you personally like etc , I think can have a beautiful wedding even on a budget x

Lynne Davidson
Lynne Davidson 17 Nov 2017

For me, it was somewhere that I could have family and friends with us and somewhere that meant something to both me and my H2B x


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