Gemma Harris
Gemma Harris 11 Nov 2017

Hi guys! So i've just had to cancel my photographer after many months of not...

Hi guys! So i've just had to cancel my photographer after many months of not quite feeling 100% happy with his style. I booked him very early on as a recommendation, loved his work, booked him but, after our budget was increased and looking at bridal websites, our wedding is more elaborate and my tastes changed. I feel guilty, of course, but love my new photographer and didn't want to regret it afterwards. Has anyone else had to changed suppliers midway through planning?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 11 Nov 2017

Had to change my caterer because we decided to change venue from our place to another venue which understandably wouldn't allow outside caterer. As we cancelled so far in advance they were really nice and gave us our full deposit back.

Julie Nile
Julie Nile 12 Nov 2017

I changed venue after paying £500 deposit but all in all am happy I did it xx

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 13 Nov 2017

No but I am contemplating my photographer choice at the moment too- so I might have a look at others around

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 13 Nov 2017

We haven't had to change anything but you shouldn't feel bad for changing photographers. After your wedding day has been and gone your photos are the one thing you will have to look back on from your wedding day.

We are doing everything possible to find the right one for us as we feel it is one of the most important things for memories.

Juliette Parnell
Juliette Parnell 21 Nov 2017

I changed my florist as I was not completely convinced the original one would get the flowers or date right.

Went with her because of loads of good reviews and recommendations but just felt unlistened to and that she lived her life in chaos. Final straw was when I still didn't have the sample bouquet (promised in august) at the end of october.

Feel so much happier with my new florist.


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