Stephanie Sandall
Stephanie Sandall 11 Nov 2017

What are you doing for make up? Part of me wants a MUA but realistically we...

What are you doing for make up? Part of me wants a MUA but realistically we can’t afford to waste money on it (I’m on maternity leave so we’re sticking to our budget) any tips?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Nov 2017

Hi what about a just qualified MUA in your area and a Hairstylist :)

Zoe Steeley
Zoe Steeley 11 Nov 2017

In honest opinion it’s the one thing I would not try and save on - you have to love how you look as those pictures last a there nothing else you could maybe cut back on? Doing your own is so much pressure on the day

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 11 Nov 2017

I agree with Zoe. I used to work in beauty industry and yet I am getting a MUA (which I can ill afford). As it has been pointed out ... if you are paying out for a professional photographer why not look your best. I am foregoing the hairdresser and my daughter and I are going to do our own hair to afford the MUA.

Iona Lambert
Iona Lambert 11 Nov 2017

My sister is doing mines...although if I didn't have her I would watch tutorials and practice and see if I could do it myself before paying for a MUA hope that helps xx

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 11 Nov 2017

Luckily my friend is a MUA so she is going to do it. I would say that if you are going to do it yourself you might want to invest in good quality makeup if you want it to last. Overall paying for a MUA might turn out a bit more expensive but for me I don't want the pressure on my day x

Dawn Mcintosh
Dawn Mcintosh 12 Nov 2017

My MUA is costing 150. For me, 2 adult bridesmaids, flower girl and MOB. that includes hair. Facebook has loads of people who can help with the budget you have xx

Sharron Giles Wood
Sharron Giles Wood 13 Nov 2017

Find someone that is good at their own and ask them to try you... where are you ?

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 13 Nov 2017

Do you have any friends that are good with make up?
Or what about a trainee MUA- contact your local college.
A friend of mine learnt at college and they used to get phonecalls all the time for weddings. It great practice for them and they are really eager to please and get it right

Nicola Arnill
Nicola Arnill 13 Nov 2017

I've not felt as comfortable when a MUA has done my make up. Prefer when I've done it myself so that my plan on the day. Not about money for me, just personal preference

Kirsty W
Kirsty W 15 Nov 2017

Are you somebody that uses make up regularly and is the look you have chosen for your wedding day bold or subtle? .. If you aren't someone that has much experience with make up I would hold back however if you're a daily wearer of it I'd get the practice in. For my sister's wedding she did her own and I did mine, the other BM's and MoB. We went for makeovers at Selfridges which cost the price of the make up we took away then replicated it on the day :)


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