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Myself and Fiance kinda have our hearts set on an Autumn wedding - Although...

Myself and Fiance kinda have our hearts set on an Autumn wedding - Although we haven't booked a date yet, we are planning our wedding around an Autumn theme - Colours, decorations etc and we just love the idea of it. We get invited to alot of weddings (We have 5 next year), and we have noticed that they have all been in the spring/summer, so we wanted to be different, but also we love this season the most and already have a huge amount of ideas. The problem we have is cost. Obv getting married on a sat is expensive (Even with a Sep date), and we are limited to weekends as some of my bridesmaids and many of the guests are teachers or at least work in a school, so won't be able to book time off. If we were to get married during the week, it would have to be during the school holidays (So prob August) - However, if we get married in August, does this mean we have to completely scrap the Autumn theme and ideas that we have? We have tried to come up with alternatives and other colour schemes etc but we don't get excited about it, and are abit "meh...." with ideas/suggestions (Even Pinterest isn't exciting me). But I just feel it would be silly to get married in August and it be Autumn themed. The plus side it would be cheaper, and possibly sunnier, but we just aren't sure. It's either go for our Autumn wedding, but accept that it will be on a Saturday, and be more expensive, or scrap the Autumn theme, and get married in August on a weekday for less of the price, and possibly feel abit meh about the colours, decorations etc. Unless there is a way to compromise. Any ideas anyone? I know at the end of the day - It doesn't matter. But we are struggling, so any thoughts would be great.

Steph V
Steph V 10 Nov 2017

The only thing that will be different about having it Autumn theme is the photos as you won't have the leaves on the floor.
But I think Autumn theme is lovely and you have so much choice in what you can do.
Most people have a theme and I don't see why you shouldn't have what you want.
Hope this helps :)

Kirsten Louzi
Kirsten Louzi 10 Nov 2017

What about having your wedding in the October half term? I work in a school and the half term is usually the last week of October.

E Wilson
E Wilson 10 Nov 2017

We are having ours in the October half term. My mum is a teacher plus our nieces and nephews are school age. Everything is also cheaper as October isn't popular.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Nov 2017

Hi I agree with the others but you could get married in August. Others have married in the summer but had a winter theme :)

Stephanie Sandall
Stephanie Sandall 11 Nov 2017

October half term would work well. My partner is a TA and we are just getting married on a usual weekend, we decided we could Holiday a few weeks later :)

Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds 12 Nov 2017

Have you compared venue prices in August compared to October? Weddings at more expensive in the summer due to popularity, so a Saturday in October would probably be cheaper than a week day in August. Or go for half term. The way I see it it's win win, you get the autumn theme and it'll be cheaper!

Dawn Mcintosh
Dawn Mcintosh 12 Nov 2017

I am in a similar situation so we pushed back to october. We have booked 20th october 2018 and start of half term.

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 13 Nov 2017

If you think its silly I'd have a look at venues you like. Saturday prices in autumn tend to be similar to friday prices in the summer.
Theres always october half term to look at too

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 14 Nov 2017

I agree with the others - why not have a look during the October half term (weekdays or weekend) - October is usually a lot cheaper than august and September (September is still peak wedding season). Alternatively even if you have your wedding in august there is nothing stopping you using the same colour scheme

Carly Wilson
Carly Wilson 16 Nov 2017

I agree with some of the other ladies on this post the October half term would be lovely! October is a beautiful month and usually when it begins to feel a lot more like autumn x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Dec 2017

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