UKbride Member Request 10 Nov 2017

How much is it to just have a quick ceremony in a registry office? I think...

How much is it to just have a quick ceremony in a registry office? I think I’m reading the websites wrong as they are saying £200, we will only have 2 witnesses and I think this is quite expensive as it won’t be our important part. I’m located in Hertfordshire and not sure if location changes price. Any help will be much appreciated.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 10 Nov 2017

The Registry office in Hatfield does one for £46 if it is just the Bride, Groom and 2 witnesses. Hatfield is the only registry office where this is available in Hertfordshire.
There is also the £37 pound each notice of marriage. Here is the link

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 10 Nov 2017

Hi it is around £200 don't forget that you are paying for the paperwork as well as the registrar officiating :)

Emily Vincent
Emily V 10 Nov 2017

I don't get it how you say it isn't the important part. The ceremony is the part where you actually get married. The rest is just a get up and a party...

Steph V
Steph V 10 Nov 2017

Hi, thanks Susan I'll look into these 2, why it isn't the important part is because we are having a humanist wedding the next day and we have to do the legal side in a registry office but I just wondered if £200 was correct. :)


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