UKbride Member Request 9 Nov 2017

I'm getting married in the lake district in 2019 which is about 50 miles...

I'm getting married in the lake district in 2019 which is about 50 miles from where we live. Most people will probably need to arrange accommodation so I wanted to send 'save the dates' but wasn't sure if I should send these just to the day guests or to our evening guests too? We're limited on numbers for our day so didn't want people to be disappointed if they receive a 'save the date' but then only got an invite to the evening reception and not the whole day?

Jessica Medcalf
Jessica Medcalf 9 Nov 2017

Some of my evening guests are travelling from Brighton to Cornwall so I would be sending my save the dates to everyone.

Victoria Bishop
Victoria Bishop 9 Nov 2017

Send save the dates to all. Then everyone knows the plan x

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 9 Nov 2017

I feel that save the dates are just for day guests. But if you’re worried about accomadation What about doing ‘save the evening’ I’ve seen this on Pinterest

Sera Rowe
Sera Rowe 10 Nov 2017

I would send save the dates to day guests and a save the evening to evening guests. That way everyone knows what to expect once the invitations go out

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 10 Nov 2017

I've only sent mine to day guests but you could send a 'save the evening' to evening guests if you are worried. You may find that some evening guests won't come if it's far to travel but that being said the Lake District is beautiful so some may choose to spend a few days there and attend in the evening.

Kirsty Suckling
Kirsty Suckling 11 Nov 2017

We went a different direction and didn't bother with save the dates (we booked the venue with only 10 months to go anyway) so instead we have just put a list of 3-4 accommodation options within 10 miles of the venue on the back of both the day and the evening invites so people are aware of where they can stay if they want to.


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