Tj Bennett
TJ Bennett 8 Nov 2017

hiya ladies, i was wondering if any of you have had a disabled child at...

hiya ladies, i was wondering if any of you have had a disabled child at your wedding as i would like my niece to be my flower girl when myself and my fiance get married. she's still learning how to use her walking frame at the min, but hopefully she'll be able to use it better by then. i was wondering if anyone can suggest any fun activities that her mum (my youngest sister) can do with her during the service and the reception? i haven't got a clue where to start looking or what to search for as she has Global Development Delay. she can feed herself and a few other simple things, but she cannot walk and i was wondering if anyone can suggest (just in case she still needs by then) anything that my youngest sister can use to disguise her buggy which is a black buggy as far as i know, but i was thinking of disguising it with brightly coloured wedding decorations, but i'm not sure where to start looking for them or what to search for.

Steph V
Steph V 8 Nov 2017

Hi, what a lovely thought.
You can cover her buggy in your desired flowers and ribbon, she’ll then feel like a proper flower girl!
With thing on what to do during the service and reception, I have actually been to a wedding that had a small little “cinema” that the children could go to entertain themselves. You can do colouring books, a mini treasure hunt depending on your venue or even garden activities depending on how she feels.
Maybe also get family input.
Hope this helps 😊

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 8 Nov 2017

That is really thoughtful of you and I am sure your niece will be thrilled. However, knowing the age of the child might be of assistance. She may have GDD but size may come into it too. What about making her buggy look like your wedding car?


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