UKbride Member Request 8 Nov 2017

Hi all, im getting married next September and will be wearing my mums dress...

Hi all, im getting married next September and will be wearing my mums dress which im over the moon about. Unfortunately in the last 35 years it has suffered from age and has a few age stains on the skirt part of the dress. My mum seems to think regular dry cleaner will be able to clean the dress for me but i'm concerned the age of the fabric and the nature of the stains may require a more specialist clean. Can anyone advise what the case would be for this? Don't want to spend loads getting the dress cleaned if i can help it but also dont want to risk ruining the dress by taking it to somewhere inexperienced with older fabrics. Many Thanks

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 8 Nov 2017

Hi I would go to a specialist cleaner :)

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 8 Nov 2017

I would go to a specialist cleaner just to be on the safe side. Better to pay slightly more than end up with a ruined dress or have to pay out twice :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 8 Nov 2017

I would suggest you have two choices that might be successful. First would be a specialist cleaner ... second would be to very gently do it yourself with something like Stergene which is for wool. I have successfully handwashed lots of older/vintage things which are very fine fabric (including a very old Christening Gown). If you choose to do the latter make sure the water is lukewarm and you allow to dry gently on a hanger rather than with pegs. Good luck.

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 9 Nov 2017

I would definitely find a specialist cleaner for this. Not worth the risk- itll be cheaper than having to buy a new dress and you'd be so upset if it got damaged!


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