Jo Oleary
Jo Oleary 8 Nov 2017

Hi, on the 18/08/2018 we are getting married in Dumferline, Pittencreiff...

Hi, on the 18/08/2018 we are getting married in Dumferline, Pittencreiff Glen, ???????????????????????????? Scotland. I have Bipolar 1, and PTSD from a very early age. We have had three weddings booked here in Beriton, Hampshire, but every time I get to about 9 months I panicked and just couldn’t go through with it! So this time my fondness moments were up in Scotland in the pittencreiff glen right opposite my mums sisters house where we spent every summer and I was so happy. It’s such a special place for me and I am Scottish because my mother was born in Scotland and spent her early years growing up in Scotland. Now I am in a panic because we have a registrar who will marry us in the ruins of the castle in the park which is beautiful! That’s it though we don’t know how we are getting up there with 8 people joining us , my two daughters (bridesmaids), my eldest daughters husband the best man and there son being 2 years old page boy and ring bearer! My best friend and her husband and my youngest daughters best friend ! The most important person there apart from my fiancé is my mum , my world and who in January 2018 turns 90 years of age. I have no help to arrange this wedding because most things are already booked and I haven’t been up to Scotland for quite a while since my mums sister and her husband passed away!

Steph V
Steph V 8 Nov 2017

Hi, is this from a nearby hotel to the castle, or where you live now to the castle?
If from a hotel near by to the castle: have you looked into hiring a car? Like a vintage car or even a old school bus?
Depending on your budget and how much you’ll be prepared to spend get quotes, don’t ever settle with the first one and don’t panic, it’s a day to remember and if you are stressed ask your partner if they can help or organise. Don’t stress yourself out it’ll be perfect however it plans out.
Good luck 😊

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 8 Nov 2017

Wishing you all the best that you manage to hold it together for the wedding this time. Sounds like a very special place and great to have your Mum there too. x


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