Catherine Louise Brophy
Louise Brophy 7 Nov 2017

My dress has a really low back and I'm struggling with underwear I really...

My dress has a really low back and I'm struggling with underwear I really don't like the idea of stick-on bra as I don't think it gives much support can anyone suggest anywhere I can find something with a very low back I've seen one body but it was a thong and I really don't want to wear that. Has anyone else had this problem with their dress if so what did you do.. Thks Lou X

E Wilson
E Wilson 7 Nov 2017

You can but straps that you can attach to a bra which will bring all the back down. I've got one for backless dresses I got it from H&M.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Nov 2017

Hi try John Lewis or Debenhams :)

Caitlin Perry
Caitlin Perry 7 Nov 2017

I have big boobs and I got an alterations lady to put cups in a bridesmaid lace low back dress I was wearing, it was amazing, no bra required and for once in my life I could wear something really beautiful at the back without the fear id be drooping low or free flying at the front. Not expensive either xx

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 7 Nov 2017

Do you need a bra?

Rebecca Radics
Rebecca Radics 7 Nov 2017

Have you tried Marks & Spencer’s multi bra?

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 8 Nov 2017

I bought a stick on bra for £30 from M&S last year and it was awful. Ordered one of the small stick on ones from eBay that clips together in the middle and it was amazing. Swear by them now!

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 8 Nov 2017

Could you get a seamstress to put a bra in the dress and cut of the back strap- I have the same problem and the shop I found my dress in also do the alterations and this is what they recommended

Jemma Gunn
Jemma Gunn 8 Nov 2017

Debenhams do a low back bra. 040301_-1


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