UKbride Member Request 7 Nov 2017

We’re hoping to get married in May 2019 but my sister in law to be will be...

We’re hoping to get married in May 2019 but my sister in law to be will be starting A level exams around then. We are limited to a weekday wedding because we’re planning a very small and intimate wedding. We’re thinking if we go early May it should be before exams start but we won’t know official exam dates until at least September 2018. She’s the only child at our wedding so I don’t want to plan the whole wedding around her but at the same time she has to be there. Has anyone else had similar trouble?

Sarah Slater
Sarah Slater 7 Nov 2017

When I did my A Levels they started in the middle of May so you should be fine up until the third week of May unless the exams dates have changed by 2019. It also will depend on what A Levels she is taking to what date here exams start. I hope this helps xxx

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 7 Nov 2017

My sister will be going her GCSEs the year I get married. We are having the wedding after GCSEs finish to ensure she is free but also so she is not worrying about revising during the wedding. If you are having a weekday wedding and your SIL is still at school are you sure she will be able to get the day off from school? x


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