Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 6 Nov 2017

So my H2b has chosen navy blue suits for him, his 3 groomsmen and my dad....

So my H2b has chosen navy blue suits for him, his 3 groomsmen and my dad. They are each going to wear different coloured bright ties. I'm struggling to think of a colour for my bridesmaids dress as I don't want it to look weird with all the colours. Any suggestions?

Iona Lambert
Iona Lambert 6 Nov 2017

Hey i think you could go for different bridesmaids dresses and still look fab I love pastel colours being different but in the same dress style. 😊

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Nov 2017

Hi I agree with Iona :)

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 7 Nov 2017

I think the different colour pastel dresses look lovely too.
What colour flowers/ decorations are you having? You could get the bridesmaid dresses to match that?
Or get the dress colour to match the grooms tie choice

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 7 Nov 2017

My best friend had each bridesmaid in a different coloured pastel dress to match the men. I matched the best man (my h2b), another bridesmaid matched her partner who was a groomsmen and the maid of honor who was single at the time matched her father. It looked amazing and everyone commented on it x

UKbride Member 7 Nov 2017

Why not pick a bridesmaid dress to match each of the ties (assuming you're having an even number on each side)? Xxxx

Jo Oleary
Jo Oleary 8 Nov 2017

I would put the bridesmaid dresses the same blue as the guys , and either have the same different coloured shoes or possies x


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