UKbride Member Request 3 Nov 2017

What are your thoughts on plus 1’s, we are in the process of making a...

What are your thoughts on plus 1’s, we are in the process of making a guest list and are unsure on plus 1’s. We are having an intimate ceremony and wedding breakfast due to budget but a bigger celebration for the evening. Do you think people will be offended if we don’t let them invite a plus 1 for the intimate part but do for the evening? Would love to hear some suggestions x

Lauren Keable
Lauren Keable 3 Nov 2017

I have written our guest list and included plus ones but we still have a couple of years before the wedding so will revisit those plus ones before sending the invites. If it someone who has been with their partner for quite some time I will be inviting them but if it is a new girlfriend/boyfriend they will be evening only

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 3 Nov 2017

I tend to agree with Lauren. However, I am not including plus 1's to the work guys ... I'm just inviting them to the evening do and think it would be nice for them to be able to socialise and keep the banter but think their wives/girlfriends will change the status quo (I work in an all male environment),

Rebecca Radics
Rebecca Radics 3 Nov 2017

I’m one of those that doesn’t include plus ones unless they’ve been together a long time and married. I’m not keen on having someone’s short term ex in my wedding photos, but included all with a plus one for evening

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 3 Nov 2017

It's your wedding so people need to understand it's expensive. Our rule is if we haven't met the persons partner then they aren't invited to the day but are welcome to join in the evening. Most people have been fine when I've explained this.

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 4 Nov 2017

I personally think if they have been together a long time or are married they plus one should be invited to everything

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 4 Nov 2017

We are only inviting plus ones if we know them. No one has been offended so far. People understand how expensive weddings are x

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 5 Nov 2017

I think it's your day so should have who you want and ppl that matter to you there. You said it's an intimate day so I'm sure they'll understand. If you're worried just explain it to them x

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 6 Nov 2017

I am only inviting plus ones if we know them or they are married/ been together a very long time. The other plus ones are joining in the evening.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 6 Nov 2017

I think if they are married or have been together a long time and you have meet them. We are only having 3 friends and there partners to the day as we won't just family to the day.

Nicola Smithson
Nicola Smithson 11 Nov 2017

We will be inviting plus ones if married or been together a long time . Can't be dealing with On/Off bfs/gfs dramas lol

Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner 15 Jan 2018

Due to budgets we are only having friends plus ones if they have been together for at least a year, as want to be able to relax and know the guests attending and when looking back at photos and videos know they were close friends who we saw often. Do you really want a strangers at your wedding who you don’t talk to often and spending min £99 on that person is the question to ask yourselves! Hope that helps!

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 16 Jan 2018

We’re only inviting plus ones if we’ve met them


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