Nikki Gomes
Nikki Gomes 2 Nov 2017

We want to marry abroad, in Portugal. We are thinking of renting a villa...

We want to marry abroad, in Portugal. We are thinking of renting a villa and holding the wedding and reception there. (Premises premitting) but I live in UK and wondering how difficult it will be to arrange. Has anyone done anything like this. Thanks ????

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 7 Nov 2017

My cousin is doing a similar thing in Spain. She hired a wedding planner out there to help her out, who was relatively cheap (in comparison to uk prices) and contacts her all the time to check things with her. My cousin is also very involved and sends what she wants over to her she also has been out there for food tastings and venue hunting etc. Might be worth looking in to

Iona Lambert
Iona Lambert 7 Nov 2017

We are having 2 receptions one in the UK and one in Malta as I'm half Maltese luckily I have family their organising it for me but it shouldn't be that hard my advice would be research and contact many different villas and reception places then go with the one you want the most and are the most helpful. People I've met along the way seem to go over and above so hopefully you'll find someone over their that will do the same and help organise the big and little things 😊 good luck a Portugal wedding would be amazing.

Nikki Gomes
Nikki Gomes 1 Dec 2017

Hi thanks for you replies. We had to change everything as we found out my mum has DVT so she dies not want to fly, so now we are marrying in uk which is costing us much more, but it's cool because it wouldn't be the same without my mum. We have about 320guests so looking for the suitable venue.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 11 Mar 2018

If you need help in local arrangements Please advice and Will liase accordingly


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