Shannon Zannetti
Shannon Zannetti 31 Oct 2017

So, I’m not getting married till 2019 but I was wondering when is the best...

So, I’m not getting married till 2019 but I was wondering when is the best time to ask your bridal party is it ever to soon? Also did anyone do anything special to ask them or have ideas on special unique was to do so. Thanks x

Sera Rowe
Sera Rowe 31 Oct 2017

We are getting married in June 2019 and finalized the booking on the venue last week. I am now going to ask my MOH and bridesmaids. I just wanted a date first :)

Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson 31 Oct 2017

I did it within a few weeks of being engaged :) I made bridesmaids boxes and put a few little pressies choc, mini bottles of wine, nail varnish colour of the theme something for their hair on the big day... look on pinterest loads of ideas!

E Wilson
E Wilson 31 Oct 2017

Never too soon. One of mine was there and help with the proposal. I did make mine a little card with a little bracalet attached.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 31 Oct 2017

I just called my daughter (my only bridesmaid) and asked her. We had set the date and venue by then. Same with my son who will be giving me away.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 Oct 2017

Hi we just told them what we wanted them to do all were delighted :)

Steph V
Steph V 1 Nov 2017

I am getting married June 2020 and I'm asking them at Christmas.
This way it saves on Christmas presents and they'll have no idea.
I'm buying a box online and filling it with prezzies they'll hopefully enjoy! 😊

Natasha Stephen
Natasha Stephen 2 Nov 2017

We aren't getting married until 2020 and I asked my sister properly just last week :) gives her something to look forward to (she's 11 and will be 14 when we get married)

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 7 Nov 2017

Never too early. I made them a little box of things they will need on the day ie lip gloss, mini hair spray, dress gown to get ready in and a little bottle of prosecco


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