Debbie Allinson
Debbie Allinson 30 Oct 2017

I'm struggling to find dark teal bridesmaid dresses on a high street budget....

I'm struggling to find dark teal bridesmaid dresses on a high street budget. Love the dress in the photo but out of my price range. Any ideas? Thanks x

A member uploaded image

Amanda Flannery
Amanda Flannery 30 Oct 2017

I'd recommend taking a look at quiz clothing?

This is the closest to that one I can find.

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 31 Oct 2017

Debenhams often have dresses like this on sale in the quiz and little mistress sections x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 31 Oct 2017

Susie Booth is correct about Debenhams. I have just bought a petrol blue one (like the above) for my daughter/bridesmaid from Little Mistress. It is stunning and she will be able to wear it afterwards.

UKbride Member 31 Oct 2017

Have a look on eBay, my friend got her bridesmaids dresses off there for around £30each. They came from China though, so be mindful that their sizing is smaller than UK sizes. She ordered a size bigger than needed as there's plenty of material if it needs taking out, but also the option of taking in. Xxxx

Chloé Roe
Chloé R 2 Nov 2017

TFNC Boohoo and Asos do some lovely bridesmaid dresses xx

Debbie Allinson
Debbie Allinson 3 Nov 2017

Thanks, I ordered those petrol blue dresses too but they were more like a pale smokey blue so I was quite disappointed. I will keep looking of those sites, maybe they will add some more. thanks everyone x


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