Aimee Wood
Aimee Wood 30 Oct 2017

Hi guys need help/advice, we have a budget of £5000, we having 100 guests...

Hi guys need help/advice, we have a budget of £5000, we having 100 guests max we would like a small, intimate and beautiful wedding but dont wanna break the bank. Only want 3 bridesmaids and we would like our sons involved. Im plus size so id like a nice dress and I dont wanna look frumpy. Any tips, tricks or hacks any of you could give would be greatly appreciated. Xxx

Steph V
Steph V 30 Oct 2017

To try and cut costs down a bit, do some diy like make your own invites.
Search around for venues and go for a weekday if possible as it cuts the cost down considerably. Also buffets instead of a sit down meal.
For your dress you need to find one that you love but in budget, you can buy off the rail in some shops or even wed2b is very reasonable and I think you don't need to book an appointment.
Shop around and don't go with the first thing you see, you'll kick yourself if you find it cheaper elsewhere!
Hope this helps 😊

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 30 Oct 2017

Hi wd2b have dresses from £99. Make your own table settings and make your invitations :)

Amy Louise
Amy Louise 30 Oct 2017

I have a gigantic family and we are also in a similar situation. We are planning to have a church ceremony and then go for a special lunch in a local restaurant private dining room with just parents and bridal party and then just have an evening reception with buffet for the 100 or so we want there but can't afford to feed twice! There's also the option to have a wedding at around 4pm and then you only have to feed people once xxx

Aimee Wood
Aimee Wood 30 Oct 2017

Thank you xxx

Diana Popescu
Diana Popescu 30 Oct 2017

I bought my dress, veil, belt and petticoat from Wed2B for £750. We are hiring the local rugby club for another £500. In terms of food I'd suggest a hog roast, we're paying £700 for 130 guests. We're hiring all our centerpiece and decorations from a company called Pretty Vintage Things, it's £250 for unlimited props. Costco and M&S do beautiful wedding cakes you can further decorate yourself with flowers and what not. I would also suggest liking service providers' Facebook pages as they might have offers on. Our photographer was normally £900 for a full day, but he had a weekend offer and we managed to book him for £560. I got my bridesmaids dresses from Polka Dots and Petticoats for £20 each. Jackie, the owner, is amazing and she's always got sales on. Good luck! xx

Naomi Ward
Naomi Ward 3 Nov 2017

I'm growing my own flowers for my bouquet and decorations. Easy to do if you keep it seasonal


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