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PLEASE HELP So i absolutely love disney and naturally thats my theme. Im...

PLEASE HELP So i absolutely love disney and naturally thats my theme. Im creating my table decorations using a different disney film inside a bell jar. My h2b told some of his colleagues this but some are expecting "more" disney at our wedding. I don't mind having more im just stuck for ideas haha. We can't pin/tack anything to venue walls and i have a fear of balloons. Can anyone help or show me a picture of what they done for their wedding? Thank you!

Lucy magee
Lucy magee 30 Oct 2017

Maybe disney placecards and favours?

Amanda Flannery
Amanda Flannery 30 Oct 2017


On aliexpress they do a cinderella carriage candle as a favour. I searched 'carriage candle favour' to find it.
They have good things on there but if you type in Disney you cant find much. You will have more luck typing in characters names.
You could look for figurines and have different sets from different movies around the centrepiece.

For each table you could print a main place card with a disney couple on and then with the individual place cards you could have the name with any disney character

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Amanda Flannery
Amanda Flannery 30 Oct 2017

I have also just seen some mickey mouse glittery cabochons on aliexpress. You would have a simple place card with the names in black and then stick these on one side to give it more characters. They are flat back and stick well on things with superglue. There are also other colours available and other resin designs. You can even get minnie mouse ones so you could have mickey on male place cards and minnie on the females place cards? :) Hope this helps

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Debbie Allinson
Debbie Allinson 3 Nov 2017

I went to a Disney themed wedding this year and their cake was the magic kingdom castle, they also had a mickey and Minney mouse kissing picture, tables were Disney names, placemats for the drinks were individually drawn Disney characters (by the bride) and favours were boxes of sweets and alcohol shots with Alice in wonderland 'eat me' 'drink me' signs on them


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