UKbride Member Request 27 Oct 2017

Did anyone ask their bridesmaids to contribute to their dress? If so how...

Did anyone ask their bridesmaids to contribute to their dress? If so how did you ask them?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 27 Oct 2017

Hi my bridesmaids Mum offered to pay for her dress but I politely declined :)

Martha Duke
Martha Duke 27 Oct 2017

hi i have not asked my bridesmaids but 2 of them have offered to contribute towards them x if you need to ask for help just politely explain your reason for asking most bridesmaids i know have never had a problem helping towards there dresses as they know how expensive a wedding can be xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 28 Oct 2017

I will be buying my bridesmaid's dress (she is my daughter). Getting married in July we are currently looking at dresses in the sales and most of them are well discounted. I have just bought 5 for her that we chose from Debenhams online and she can return those she doesn't like. By buying on-line from somewhere like John Lewis or Debenhams they have more choice than in-store. Dresses do not have to be expensive to look good.

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 28 Oct 2017

Personally I would prefer to pay for the bridesmaids dresses as I am dictating what they wear. If you want them to pay (or need them to) it would be polite to give them guidelines like colour & length, but give them more choice - that way they get something they love and feel comfortable in.

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 28 Oct 2017

Wouldn't dream of asking them to do that

Michelle Scrivener
Michelle Scrivener 29 Oct 2017

Hi I’m having 5 bridesmaids. I’m buying all the dresses, they gonna buy there own shoes


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