Harriet Lewis
Harriet Lewis 26 Oct 2017

I do not have any bridesmaids as I don’t know any girls and have very...

I do not have any bridesmaids as I don’t know any girls and have very little family. I have no one to ask about anything other then my partner. What’s everyone’s opinions on the bouquet below please? My partner and I are going for the blue, silver and white colour theme. X

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Lynne Davidson
Lynne Davidson 26 Oct 2017

That is a beautiful bouquet. The colours are lovely.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 26 Oct 2017

Hi I think it is lovely :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 26 Oct 2017

Beautiful x

Chealsie Reuter
Chealsie Reuter 26 Oct 2017

Love Lilies and gorgeous Bouquet.
I would just be careful with Lilies because the nectar from the flower can stain

Aimee Roberts
Aimee Roberts 26 Oct 2017

this is lovely, i think lilies are beautiful flowers :)

Kathryn Kenny
Kathryn Kenny 26 Oct 2017

Beautiful flowers. we are having royal blue and looking for a Bocquet to match

E Wilson
E Wilson 26 Oct 2017

It is really beautiful

Emily Vincent
Emily V 27 Oct 2017

That is beautiful.

Just ask for the pollen to be removed so it doesn't stain your dress xx

Deborah Cooke
Deborah Cooke 28 Oct 2017

Hi, lillies remind me of funerals sorry plus the pollen can really stain. The other flowers are very pretty 🌸

UKbride Member 31 Oct 2017

As previously mentioned, be careful with the pollen on the Lillies. If you're having fresh flowers, ask the florist to cut the stamen out of the lillies. Xxxx


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