Amy Jeffries
Amy Jeffries 24 Oct 2017

So, me and my fiancé have decided to push back our wedding date by a year!...

So, me and my fiancé have decided to push back our wedding date by a year! Simply because we've found our dream venue, but it's looking like we are going to have a lot of saving to do. The venue is going to cost us £7400 ish. That's including the good for reception and wedding "breakfast". Included in the price we also have a bridal boudoir, honey moon suite, ceremony hire, reception hire, 3 canapés per guest, cocktails and champagne, all glassware, linen, cutlery, crockery, serving staff and a wedding director! Also have a tasting event six months before the wedding. My question is, what tips do you all have when it comes to budgeting other parts of the wedding? Also wats we can save a little extra money to put towards our deposit of £2000 ish? We've had such a crappy year with a family member being severely ill and myself actually finding out I have fertility issues! We originally wanted to be married before this particular family member passed, but I think 2 years from now is pushing my luck ???? Sorry for the seriously long post guys! Xx

Amie May
Amie May 25 Oct 2017

I'm so sorry you have had a bad year, I have too for some of it. The things you can look at saving money on is party favours, make something at home so you're not spending money, make your own bouquets, centre pieces these all help to reduce costs.

You can also look at things like bridal sales for the bridesmaids and wedding dress. I'm having my dress made and it's only costing £200 plus the cost of material.
I hope things get better and you have the wedding of your dreams. xx

Steph V
Steph V 25 Oct 2017

Hi, I'm making my own invites/RSVP/save the dates and have cut the cost about £500-£700 by just buying card.
Also I'm asking my bridesmaids to contribute to their dresses as they cost quite a bit. Also make your own table decorations (I've brought most of my materials from hobby craft) saves you a massive amount.
And set up a payment plan with your venue, ours just ask for a payment each month of whatever we want but as long as the full payment has been made 2 months before 😊

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 26 Oct 2017

We had to push back a year to get our 1st choice venue too - both due to cost & availability. That alone will make a huge difference to your budget as you can spread the cost out more. Our venue reduced the initial deposit for us too as it's so far in advance (2years) so nothing left on venue until 2019. Also looking at cutting costs elsewhere by making stuff, limiting number of bridesmaids, and possibly doing a mini-moon followed by a fancier 1st anniversary holiday. Good luck!


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