Charlotte Baker
Charlotte Baker 22 Oct 2017

Hi everyone ! I'm getting married at the old thorns hotel in liphook...

Hi everyone ! I'm getting married at the old thorns hotel in liphook Hampshire 15/6/19 when did everyone send out their save the dates ??? I'm not sure xx

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 22 Oct 2017

I'm getting married 29/08/19 so going to send out save the dates after the new year as weve already got them :) x

Sera Rowe
Sera Rowe 22 Oct 2017

Hi, ours is also a June 2019 wedding, so will be sending out in the new year x

Rebecca watson
Rebecca watson 22 Oct 2017

getting married 30/08/2019 and sending them out in the new year

Sarah Waggott
Sarah Waggott 22 Oct 2017

Hi! I'm getting married on 27/05/2018 and I sent the save the date cards out a few months ago so I would say maybe send yours out about a year in advance of the wedding :).

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Oct 2017

Hi I am getting married 18/08/2018 we will send them out in February :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Oct 2017

We're not sending any because we have informed those that matter most by phone or face to face. Those in occupations that are difficult to get leave have already put in for it. We get married July 2018


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