Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 21 Oct 2017

What’s people’s ideas on themed wedding? Are you having one? Would you...

What’s people’s ideas on themed wedding? Are you having one? Would you have one? ????

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 21 Oct 2017

Hi we are not having a themed wedding :)

Amanda Flannery
Amanda Flannery 21 Oct 2017

Hello, I think they are nice if they are a theme on something you are passionate about. My other half and I started dating on 2nd december 2010 and we both love christmas because of the lights and everything; so we are having a christmas themed wedding. I am still going traditional with a white dress but everything else will be christmassy including the menu :)

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 22 Oct 2017

I’d love a Nightmare Before Christmas one but my h2b wasn’t so keen so I’m planning a themed cake and I’m thinking of using my bauble collection as centerpieces but worried they’ll get broken 🤔 x x

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 22 Oct 2017

I'm not having a themed wedding as such but using the secret garden to base our invitations and favours on. We have bought butterfly name cards to go on glasses and have tied invitations with keys etc. It fits well with our venue which has stunning gardens with lots of hidden areas.

Sarah Waggott
Sarah Waggott 22 Oct 2017

I've gone with a bird and butterfly theme and think that it has worked out well. There is also a lot of things in the shops surrounding this theme so have found it quite easy to shop for :)

Jessica Paine
Jessica Paine 22 Oct 2017

We are doing a summer fate theme

Natasha Stephen
Natasha Stephen 23 Oct 2017

We are not having a themed wedding as such, but our tables are going to be named after Harry Potter and Game of Thrones Houses/Places.


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